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Working with RCJ means that you have your own employee working with you. We have tax refund options that allow you to choose the ways to get your tax refund. And when the time comes to pay for your tax services, we have options for that as well. RCJ isn't like any of the other tax preparation companies in Palm Bay, FL. We really care about our customers. Book an appointment today or file online below.

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1.  Provide ALL forms, such as: W-2's, 1099's, K-1's, 1098’s (mortgage interest forms), 1098T (tuition expense statement)

2.  If you sold or purchased a home, please provide closing statements on real estate.

3.  If you have rental property, please provide all income (1099) and expenses plus mortgage interest, taxes, HOA, insurance, utilities, advertising and management fees for each rental property.

4.  Provide any other Income and Expense documents you may have.  “REMEMBER HEALTH INSURANCE”


I have provided the information on this form to the best of my knowledge and hereby declare it is a complete and ready for the preparation of my/our income tax returns.  Where business deductions are shown, I acknowledge having spent these amounts and have kept a log or diary of such activities, pursuant to section 274(a) and can fully substantiate such deductions.